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Omega Insurance Agency is a one stop insurance agency.

We understand that you care about your family, business and possessions. We have the knowledge to navigate all of those unique risks so you can feel safe knowing they’re protected from anything life throws their way!

Welcome to Omega Insurance Agency

At Omega Insurance Agency, our mission is to become the First-Choice Trucking and Transportation Insurance Agency by delivering specialized, personalized, and high-quality Trucking and Transportation insurance products priced correctly, efficiently, and accurately. With our experience of more than 25 years in the Trucking and Transportation insurance industry, we are committed to helping you manage the risks associated with business transportation such as trucks, shipping services and other forms of transportation. Our professional approach doesn’t spare us from guiding as well as educating our valuable clients regarding the pros & cons of any product that we offer. We believe, “A product is not delivered until and unless the client is satisfied with it,” We achieve it through honesty, transparency, and ethical values.

We’re highly experienced, and we’ll pay close attention to what your needs are when making our recommendations for you. We are highly committed to helping our clients protect themselves with the right insurance plan. Our job is to help you navigate through the sea of policy options and clarify any questions or concerns you may have along the way. We want to help our clients make educated decisions on their purchases.

Experienced agents

We have a team of seasoned agents with over 25 years of experience. We are committed to helping you manage the risks.

Independent agency

Because of our independent status, we aren't plagued by the restrictions of a captive or direct insurance company.

A variety of great options

Insurance is an investment in your future. That's why we offer various options to choose from so you can find the perfect plan for your needs!

Full-service agency

We are a full-service agency responsible for providing you with the best possible service and rates, ensuring a positive experience.

At Omega, our goal is always to provide the best services our clients deserve. Based on acquired knowledge and social responsibility, we Contribute to each client’s priorities, offering compatible solutions to their insurance needs. We prefer to be honest rather than impressive, and commitment is something that leads our actions. We have been here today through the wheels of Agility, and we never let the calendars change our principles and Ethics.

We have a solid dedication to client satisfaction, and our friendly team of professionals would be thrilled to provide you with a quote. Our day after day goal is always to provide them with our best customer service and accommodate their needs with our best knowledge. We practice Integrity as a seed for achievement, and it never fails. As a Client-Focused agency, we strive to grow with our customers; we are delighted to be of service to our community.

Our Mission

At Omega Insurance Agency, we believe in a culture of safety through risk management. In addition to providing you with the right coverage and advice for your needs at an affordable price; our team will work closely together as part of this family so that both business or personal property can get proper compensation when needed most - it's a promise from us!

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